Digital Collage

This here is my digital collage, to start off, I put Elvis Presley because I love listening to his music, I love the beat of a lot of his songs, and they sound great, I am a huge fan of classic rock, and that is also why I also have Chuck Berry, The Beatles, and the Spencer Davis Group. I put a red 1959 Cadillac because I love 50s and 60s cars for their looks and design, and one unique part of this car that I love are the obvious tailfins and pointed tail lights on the back, I also hope to own one someday. I put the Air Jordan shoe on here because recently I have been buying a lot of these shoes and it’s become a massive part of my life, and I love collecting these shoes. I included San Francisco and Disneyland because they are both places that I absolutely love, because of their history, sights, attractions and other things, and I love going to both. The reason I put the blue toy gun there is because it is an airsoft gun, and airsoft is a sport I hope to play when I am older, and I find it fun seeing people play airsoft. PlayStation and Call of Duty are there because they both shaped my childhood and are the reason I love video games, I started playing Call of Duty on the the PlayStation 3 when I was 6. The flag of the Philippines is there because that is my ethnicity, and culture, and is where my parents are from. The reason I put In N Out on there is because it is one of my favorite places to eat at, and my family and I eat there many times after church on Sundays. I put Spotify on there for a very obvious reason, because I love listening to music on there, it’s where I listen to the classic rock artists I love, and I use it 80% of the day. I put Jurassic Park and Star Wars for the same reason, in that I love both franchises, they are so interesting and have such great lore. Netflix is there because I love watching movies and shows on there for hours, and finally, the reason I put the History logo, the plane, helicopter, and tank are because I love learning about history, no matter what, I always love talking or learning about history, especially war, which is why I have those vehicles up there.

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